Cool Horizon Internet Billing 
The billing software tool used worldwide by successful Internet Service Providers since 1994. 

Cool Horizon Internet Admin
The most powerful server and user admininistration software available. Internet Admin makes the creation, maintenance, suspension, and closure of user accounts on your servers a point and click operation. Available as an add-in for Internet Billing.

Cool Horizon Automated Emailer
The proven way to reduce costs related to billing, customer contact and customer service. A powerful add-in available for Internet Billing.

Cool Horizon Survey and Wish List
Help us create the next version of Internet Billing! We are totally customer driven and strongly encourge you to help us determine what to add next. The Wish List will allow you to view all customer suggestions, add your own suggestions, and rank them based on which you feel are most important. We use this input to direct our programming efforts. This is YOUR program; help us help you! (registered users only)

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