• Internet Billing Add-On Modules  

      • Internet Service Providers like the convenience of automatic payment by credit card, but many clients still prefer to be sent a statement.  Sold as a separate module, Cool Horizon Automated Emailer allows you to send your billing statements through electronic mail rather than costly conventional mail.  Imagine the savings in postage and handling. What a tremendous way to lower your overhead and give your customers a valuable service. 


      • Internet Admin is a client/server package that allows the client to perform user account maintenance and online usage extraction from the Internet Billing front end. 

      • Internet Adminís User Administrator allows you to add and delete accounts, and change user passwords stored in either a Radius user file or the Unix shadow and password files. A new feature to Internet Admin 3.0 also allows you to Suspend or Unsuspend a user account on the server by temporarily changing the userís password. 

        Also new to Internet Admin 3.0 is the ability to import online usage information from a Radius call detail file located on a remote server. Internet Admin is responsible for reading in the call detail file, assembling the usage records together, sending them back to Internet Billing to be charged on, and keeping an archive of old usage records.

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