Cool Horizon Internet Billing
You can bill for your Internet services easily, quickly and on time.  Keep track of your customer's account balances, user names and passwords, and the services they are using. 
"The billing is done. 
I'm going to the bank." 
Internet Billing Saves Moneyand Time
  Find customer records fast! 
  Billing with no postage, envelopes or sticky tongues! 
  Get billing done when you want it done! 
  Send info to customer - fast and easy 
  Tax reports make tax forms easier to do 
  Search for check #'s, credit card #'s, phone, etc. 
  No more computer babysitting when billing 
  Deposit report makes the deposit slip a breeze 
  See who owes you money at anytime 
Create reports in Access,Crystal Reports, MS SQL 6.5
  Batch process your credit cards! 
  No limits on your billing options 

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