• Cool Horizon Internet Billing 
    • Welcome to the most popular and powerful Internet Billing program offered today. Designed with the input of Internet Service Providers (ISP) throughout the world, it is the most comprehensive and flexible Internet Billing package available.  Cool Horizon Internet Billing is the solution to billing needs unique to the Internet industry. 

    • Internet Service Providers can now offer custom billing plans that best meet the needs of their customers. With Internet Billing you can manage billing plans that offer more to potential customers than the basic flat rate plans offered by so many ISPs today.  Join the many ISP's worldwide that are using Cool Horizon Internet Billing with great success. 

      Internet Billing is based on powerful client/server technology, yet is easy to use.  Versions are available that run on Windows95 and WindowsNT.  Cool Horizon Internet Billing is designed as a multi-user system without the need to buy expensive licenses for additional workstations. 

      Cool Horizon has more features because we take into account our customer's ever-changing needs.  We are consistently adding customer requested features such as an open database structure that allows customers to design unique reports, import/export, and do many other business specific tasks. 

      The future Cool Horizon Internet Billing will be a platform independent product that conforms to Internet standards while meeting CORBA compliance requirements. 

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