• Internet Billing Key Features 
    • Internet Billing is easy to use.  The software provides detailed, context-sensitive, online help and button tips allowing users to easily identify the purpose of each button in the program.  Complicated tasks such as batch processing credit cards or applying daily charges to all of the customer accounts in the system are achieved with the click of a button or a few simple steps.  This ease of use allows entry-level employees to perform the routine tasks of managing your customer accounts. 

    • Many Internet Service Providers add their clients to their accounting software and to their Internet servers, creating two sets of records to maintain.  When Internet Billing is used with Cool Horizon Internet Admin, your customer service staff can add new network and shell accounts to an Internet server as well as change passwords and delete accounts.  This frees your technical staff from routine tasks and allows them to perform functions that insure quality service for your clients.  Internet Admin runs on an Internet server and currently supports the Solaris, Free BSD, BSDI, OSF1, IRIX, HP-UX, and Linux operating systems. 

      Internet Billing maintains detailed information on each of your customer accounts, including: 

      •   Contact name   Payment method
          Company name   Credit card
          Address   Next billing date
          Email address   Last payment date
          User information   Marketing reference
          Sign-up date   Notes
      Your customer service staff can provide a quick response to questions due to Internet Billing's easy search capabilities.  You can search for customers and users by the following criteria: 
      •   Customer ID   Check number
          First or Last name   Account activity record
          Host name   Signup date
          Shell name   Phone number
          Salesperson   Credit Card number
          Wild card searching   User Defined fields
      Internet Billing is a multi-user system with support for both Microsoft and Novell networks.  Customer Service Representatives, Technical Support, Bookkeeper, and Accountant, can all access the data simultaneously.

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